World Tourism Month Celebration | September 25, 2023

Tuesday, October 3, 2023
In line with World Tourism Month, the Provincial Government of Cagayan through the Cagayan Tourism Office headed by En.P. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran conducted a simple “quiz bee-like” game during today’s flag-raising activity.
World Tourism Celebration is a significant annual event that confidently highlights the importance of tourism in the global economy, environment, and culture.
This event takes place on September 27th every year and inspires people to travel responsibly, support local communities, and promote sustainable tourism practices.
It provides tourism organizations, governments, and stakeholders with a platform to share their ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions for the future of tourism.
With the efforts of the Provincial Government of Cagayan and the support of the whole community, Cagayan will surely become a top tourist destination in the Philippines.
Let us all continue to support Cagayan tourism and help in promoting the region to the world.
Happy World Tourism Month! 🫶
Written by: Jamae Villafuerte