Mr. Ian Veneracion in Callao Cave | January 09, 2024

Friday, February 2, 2024
#CagayanTouREADsm | Mr. Ian Veneracion in Callao Cave ✨ | January 09, 2024
It’s always exciting to hear about celebrities visiting popular tourist spots here in the province!
Mr. Ian Veneracion and his party were spotted last Janury 09, 2024 in Callao Eco-niche and Conservation Park. The actor explored the cave’s impressive limestone formations with their guide Ms. Ricel Tasi. PSSg. Clarissa Bayucan, PSSg. Jenny Gammad and PCpl Eslyn Ballada, the Tourist Police Unit personnel also provided police visibility, assistance and area security during the said visit.
Callao Cave is a popular tourist destination located in the town of Peñablanca, Cagayan. The cave boasts stunning rock formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, that have been formed over millions of years. It is also known for its seven chambers, each with unique features and characteristics. The cave is accessible by climbing a flight of stairs and is well-lit, making it easy for visitors to explore.
It is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Cagayan and Callao Cave is a great place to learn about the rich history and geology of the region. 🫶🏻


Written by: Ms. Jamae Villafuerte