Tour Guides Assembly and General Meeting | January 30, 2024

Friday, February 2, 2024
#CagayanTouREADsm | Tour Guides Assembly and General Meeting✨
The Provincial Government of Cagayan through the Cagayan Tourism Office held today the first Provincial Tour Guides Assembly, General Meeting, and formation of Federation of Tour Guides for the Province of Cagayan. In her inspirational message, EnP. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran informed them of their growth in number from only 21 now being 127 trained and accredited guides and counting. She gave emphasis on the pivotal role of tour guides in shaping the endless FUN experience of tourists in the province. Rest assured, she said that our Governor, Hon. Manuel N. Mamba, is all efforts in sustaining his assistance to our tourism industry in the province. She acknowledged the significant impact the tour guides have on present programs and projects of the Cagayan Tourism Office, as well as the future developments of Cagayan such as the Cagayan International Gateway.
A workshop was also conducted to look into the benefits they have derived from being the tourist front liner and also to know the issues and concerns involving their work and possible solutions and opportunities for them. Towards the end of the activity, the election of Provincial Tour Guides Officers was held. The different elected officers and members then planned for ways forward as an organization towards Cagayan’s tourism development.