Kontra-Gapi Familiarization Tour | January 31, 2024

Friday, February 2, 2024
#CagayanTouREADsm | Kontra-Gapi Familiarization Tour ✨
After the week-long road concert tour of Kontra-GaPi around the province, a familiarization tour is conducted by the Provincial Government of Cagayan through the Cagayan Tourism Office headed by ENP. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran. The tour started with a visit to the Provincial Capitol of Cagayan, where the band members had the opportunity to meet with local officials and learn about the province’s governance and policies.
The band members also visited the famous Callao Eco-niche and Conservation Park, a natural wonder that has been attracting tourists from all over the world. The band members were amazed by the stunning rock formations and the rich history of the cave. They had the chance to explore the cave and take some memorable photos.
After the cave visit, the band members enjoyed some downtime and tried boating and swimming. They explored the river, admired the beautiful scenery and enjoyed the fresh air. They also took a dip in the cool waters, which was a refreshing break from their busy schedules.
Overall, the familiarization tour was a great success, as the band members were able to explore the province’s natural and cultural attractions, as well as connect with the locals on a deeper level. They left with a newfound appreciation for the province and its people, and they were grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow through this experience.