The Cagayan Tourism Office (CTO) headed by En.P. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran conducted a 2-day gathering of the 1st Quarter Meeting of the Cagayan Tourism Officers Association (CTOA)

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
The Cagayan Tourism Office (CTO) headed by En.P. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran conducted a 2-day gathering of the 1st Quarter Meeting of the Cagayan Tourism Officers Association (CTOA) last March 22-24, 2023 at Las Palmas de San Jose Hotel Resort, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.
The said activity was participated by Atty. Mabel Villarica-Mamba, First Lady of Cagayan, CTO team headed by En.P. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran, and the Municipal Tourism Officers (MTOs) and representatives of each municipality in the province.
The first day of the program commenced with En.P. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran, Officer-In-Charge of CTO, as she welcomed and thanked the participants who made efforts behind the success of the said gathering.
Select Municipal Tourism Officers presented their best practices in maintaining and promoting their tourism destinations that help boost their economy and uplift the livelihood of the locals.
Ms. Shayne Beltran under the Planning and Development Division of CTO showed the results of the Tourism Site Validation of some municipalities in the province while Ms. MikMik Dela Cruz under Special Projects Division shared the snippet of the upcoming 440th Aggao Nac Cagayan this month of June.
Moreover, Ms. Honey Carmona under Marketing and Promotions Division shared the potential of the province in sports, wellness, adventure and nature-based tourism. She then mentioned that each municipality can tap its resources, both natural and human, in furthering its current tourism product portfolio. Ms. Glenda Tubangui under Operations Division discussed the Inter-Municipality Festival Dance Parade and Showdown Competition dubbed as “Pabbarayle 2023” in line with the celebration of the 440th Aggao Nac Cagayan.
Toward the end of the program, Atty. Mabel Villarica-Mamba expressed her appreciation for the tourism efforts of everyone. She also shared the visions and dreams of our beloved Governor Manuel Mamba for Cagayan.
After the presentations, the program was followed by a City Heritage Tour.
During the second day of the program, Ms. Sally Vitug, Supervising Tourism Operations Officer, recapped yesterday’s meeting proper while En.P. Jenifer-Junio Baquiran reiterated the salient points of the National Tourism Development Plan 2023-2028, and highlighted the upcoming events of the Cagayan Tourism Office.
Mr. John Frey Bauag, MTO of Rizal and the President of CTOA, outlined the reports of their association such as the 2020-2022 projects, programs, and activities (PPAs), planning of 2023 schemes, provincial attire, and other matters. In addition, an open forum was conducted for all the MTOs to raise their concerns and recommendations.
Representatives under the Marketing and Promotions Division, Operations Division (Profiling and Statistics), and Special Projects of the CTO team presented their Accomplishment Report for 2022 and 2023 PPAs.
The Cagayan Tourism Officers Association (CTOA) is an association that belongs to the Municipal Tourism Officers of the province. It was formed to organize the MTOs to grow and expand the tourism industry.
This program aimed to strengthen the promotion of the province’s aspirations in building up the tourism industry in line with the goals of our Governor’s Cagayan Development Agenda (CAGANDA) 2025.
Written by: Edzeline Bangayan