Old Sancta Maria Bell

The establishment of Camalaniugan as a town or as a part of ecclesiastical administration (June 15, 1596) came less than a year when the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia (now Lal-lo) came to life on August 14, 1595. It is also the same year (1595) as the casting of the Sancta Maria Bell. The Sancta Maria Bell, known as Camalaniugan Bell or Santa Maria de Binalatoga Bell, is considered the oldest bell in the Fareast (East and Southeast Asia).  The bell’s waist bears an embossed cross. Above Its sound bow and bead line are embossed phrases “Sancta Maria.” “Ora Pronobis” (Pray for Us) 1595″ (year of casting) and “Binalatoga”.
Meanwhile, this bell bearing the words “Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis” is a fitting reminder of San Jacinto de Polonia. Before he was a saint, he saved the image of the Virgin Mary and a ciborium containing the Blessed Sacrament during the Mongol invasion of Kiev or Kyiv (1240) or what we know now as the capital city of modern Ukraine. The three other bells owned by the church are San Jacinto (1792), Nuestra Senora de Nieva y Santa Barbara (1822) and Santiago Apostol (1879).