The Tocolana Ruins


The Tocolana Church was built during the 17th century but faced nature’s wrath over time. It collapsed during the November 30, 1619 earthquake. After its rebuilding, it continued to suffer from the ravages of nature like the flood of 1687, earthquake (1721), typhoon (1845), and earthquake (2022). The Compaña General de Tabacos Filipinas (1881) repurposed the complex and the remaining foundation by building its offices and warehouse for tobacco products. This complex did not survive the shelling of the American Air Force during the Second World War in 1945.

Since then, the church complex has not been restored and continued to be decrepit until its recognition as a place of historical and cultural significance.

Today the Tocolana Church ruins take pride in having well-kept lawns and charming flower gardens that visitors can enjoy.