Wander and Wonder in Rizal

Written by: Rolando C. Garo

Unplanned travel turned to extended time to stay.  Way back in 2019, I have not planned to travel to Rizal but my classmates asked me to join. Wandering started to think about where could I break my boredom and try to travel. But boredom was changed into fascination when we reached the municipality of Rizal

Just on our way, a mystifying geological wonder intricately sculpted by the prowess of nature blasted upon us riding on a Jeepney. Rizal will welcome you with their Matalag River and Mauanan Bridge. Some other say that they used a ferry boat made out of bamboo and drums to cross the Matalag River when the bridge didn’t exist before. If you are going to visit this place with your service then you can stop over the bridge, take some pictures and appreciate the natural beauty around you. 

Not that far from the Mauanan Bridge are the Biuag and Malana Eco-Park. According to the driver, this park officially opened last December 04, 2017, together with its new attractions which are the Zip-Bike and Cable Car in addition to their hanging bridge. When I interviewed one of the LGU presents in the park, she said that the hanging bridge has long been there before but, it was destroyed during the Bagyong Lawin together with the downfall of their Biuag and Malana Statue which are legendary figures of Rizal. Unfortunately, they are unable to restore these statues because they cost millions.

If you are afraid of heights, then the activities present here in the Eco-park are the best for you when you are trying to conquer them. I, myself was afraid of heights but I gathered all the strength and courage that I have just to cross the hanging bridge back and forth. I guess the technique here is to look straight and just distract yourself from admiring the place. Never look down! Or else, your knees will tremble just like how the bridge keeps on swaying and moving while other tourists are also trying to cross. You can experience this 120-meter-long bridge for just a few costs.

The next thing we tried is the Cable Car. This is where we just sit, relax, take some pictures, and travel from the 2 opposite mountains where the statue of Biuag and Malana was once situated. Before going inside the cable car, you can ask one of the operators to take some pictures for you. They are very much willing to do so. The car will move at a slow pace that will give you a chance to have a bird’s eye view of the eco-park. This will cost you for each person riding back and forth with this cable car.

I realized that this unplanned travel taught me about being adventurous because there is still untouched beauty in nature to experience endless fun and memories.

Umang Tida Ki Baryo Ya Rizal! Mabuhay Malaueg! Mabuhay Cagayanos!