Buko Laddit

The ubiquitous pancit (noodles) that we always crave as a staple snack, a side meal, or an entree for lunch or dinner takes a unique version in the form of Buko Laddit.
The traditional pancit uses flour-based noodles as the base ingredient, but buko laddit replaces the noodles with stripped young coconut meat, with the usual veggies and seasonings it gives an inviting creamy taste oozing from the strips of fresh young coconut. The dish becomes more special with toppings like mussels, pork or chicken.

Sanchez Mira Longganisa

Sanchez Mira takes pride in its sought-after garlic longganisa (pork sausage), but Sanchez Miranians love their longganisa as a barbecue. Why?

The aroma of garlic and barbecued meat wafting through the kitchen and dining room makes longganisa even more irresistable.

Suman Latik

Suman Latik (banana leaf-wrapped rice cake with caramelized coconut) is a staple dessert among Cagayanos. Each Suman latik becomes distinct because of the latik or the coconut caramel that serves as a topping or spread.

Barangay Nagrangtayan earned the distinction of having the best suman latik. In fact, they have their own Suman Latik Festival to celebrate this ingenuity and fame.