A homegrown craftsman, Danilo Utanes learned about playing harp at age 12 under the tutelage of his late father who earned a living from making harps. He was only a high school freshman when he made his first harp. Over the years, he toiled to perfect his craft with other Cagayano harpists.

His effort did not go unnoticed. In 1996, he joined a group of harpists from Cagayan to “Dayaw: Philippine Cultural Communities Arts Festival.” It was a project of the Cultural Center of the Philippines to showcase the Filipino indigenous culture and arts. Since then, he has been invited to many performances and exhibitions like the annual “Indigenous People’s Visual Arts Exhibit” in Tuguegarao City. Danilo has become famous and is even known to be the last harp maker in Cagayan Valley. At 64 years old, this artisan is ready to impart his craft to interested and able craftsmen of the next generation.

Danilo takes on commissions for his diatonic harps (non-pedal) with the characteristic round sound holes at the rear middle stave (flat soundboard). He uses tonewoods like narra, langka, and santol for their bright and sharp tones.

Royal Bibingka

Ballesteros has attained that level of acclaim and esteem among royal bibingka makers.

The secret of bibingka is the right temperature to attain the gumminess. Traditionally, cooking bibingka uses an earthen hulmahan (mold)between lit charcoals. And only a kakanin expert will know the right temperature and how much charcoal to burn.

Grandeza Integrated Farm

A farm school and a learning site for agriculture located in Brgy. Mabuttal East, Ballesteros, Cagayan.


A portion of Ballesteros pride comes in a bite-sized serving of sweetened glutinous rice wrapped in a balisungsong (cone shape) of a young banana leaf.

Cooking patupat is a part of Ballesteros DNA. It starts with a tedious process of pre-soaking rice in a water, partial cooking and reducing, packing it into balisungsong of young banana leaves and steaming. It is a concoction of glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar and salt. Pairing it with a hot chocolate drink and slices of a ripe mango is the best way to enjoy it.

Cagayan Animal Breeding Center & Agri-Eco Tourism Park

Inclined to put up your own farm and grow your livestock? Come to Cagayan Animal Breeding Center in Zitanga, Ballesteros, and learn from the team of expert Veterinary Doctors and their able staff. Unwind and experience authentic provincial life with family and friends when you book a tour with us!