Minus the big crowd, locals and visitors enjoy the beaches of Aparri by soaking up the sun, surfing, swimming, or plain beachcombing. Compared to more popular surf sites, surfing and skimboarding are relatively nascent water sports in this part of the country.
Aparri is one of the only known 14 surfing spots in the Philippines. This recognition encourages the local government to promote Aparri as a surfing destination.
While it may be less in the mainstream at this point, Aparri opens its doors to surfing and skimming enthusiasts who derive relaxation and enjoyment from engaging in adventurous sports.

Aparri faces the Luzon Strait which gives some of the largest ocean waves in the world. The gentler waves that reach Babuyan Channel make it ideal for surfing and skimming and accommodate all types of surfers and even skimmers. Characterized by right-and-left-hand beach breaks, the waves in Aparri are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers. Weather permitting, intermediate and advanced surfers can enjoy the waves that peak up to 6 feet from August to March. Beginners can train when the waves are less daunting from April up to July.