St. Peter Gonzales of Thelmo Parish Church


For 331 years, from 1680 until its last renovation and dedication in 2011, the St. Peter Gonzales of Thelmo parish Church has been a living witness to its tragic, but colorful past. Aparri was a victim of severe disasters like typhoons, floods, earthquakes, fire, and wars for many centuries. The church was never out of danger, but it rose like a phoenix from the ashes. It had to undergo relocation and seemingly countless renovations and reconstructions until it achieved a more contemporary appearance.

Despite its new look, the church still pays homage to its original baroque architectural design reflected in its façade, ornate interior arches, and exquisite retablo.
indeed, the rebuilding process demonstrates Aparriano’s
indomitable faith and tenacity that despite each catastrophe, Aparrianos have only pushed to rebuild and emerge more determined and resilient.