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Gandang Cagayana, Kahanga-hanga

Gandayana of the Week

#GANDAyanaoftheWeek (Gandang Cagayana, Kahanga-hanga) | Dian Jaycerette Dayag l Aparri, Cagayan
Ms. Dian Jaycerette Dayag has been awarded a History Maker Award of 2017 as the “First Filipina to Conquer the Himalayan Mountains at 18,380 ft. on a motorcycle. She is the owner and General Manager of DOT-Accredited – Hotel Dian, and the Biker-themed Lifestyle Hotel and Resort in Aparri, Cagayan. A Chief Operations Officer of HD Beach Resort, Santa Ana, Cagayan and Criselda’s Chain of Restaurants & Food Products, and a Financial Officer of DJD Construction Inc.
She is an Aviation Private Pilot and an adventurist. A TV Host of the show “Pinay Cruisers” which promotes motorcycle tourism in the country, and has been featured in many magazines and TV shows for being a young entrepreneur, motorcycle enthusiast, and tourism advocate. Ms. Dian Dayag is also a Sangguniang Bayan Member of Aparri.
“Hello, women of the world! Remember how strong you are, and live with PASSION and COMPASSION. Do the things that you are passionate about, and be passionate about the things that you do. One thing I wanna highlight this Women’s Month aside from PASSION is COMPASSION. Compassion (the ability related to someone’s situation, and the willingness to take action to help) is what we need, so we can empower each other. So we can lift each other up. Do not be afraid to try new things. This world needs someone like you/us! And we’ll see what a great world this could be! A generation of women helping women. Be bold! Louder! 💕” – Dian
A successful woman with a purpose is indeed beyond empowered. Keep being an inspiration to many, Ms. Dian! 💜

When a River Lives in a City

Written by: Jane Perez Bulaqui

Others may see it as a simple river. Some describes it as an amusement park where you can meditate or chat, while others see it as a great place to exercise due to the road’s width and straightness, and entrepreneurs regard it as a great area to meet business prospects. But why do my eyes see it as a masterpiece? Maybe time will tell. 

Others may see it as a simple river. Some describes it as an amusement park where you can meditate or chat, while others see it as a great place to exercise due to the road’s width and straightness, and entrepreneurs regard it as a great area to meet business prospects. But why do my eyes see it as a masterpiece? Maybe time will tell. 

When a project to control flooding achieves a balance between business and tourism, is it magic?  Maybe it’s true that everything becomes more beautiful when transformation sweeps the city. People from all walks of life congregate in one stunning location: cyclists and joggers in the morning, tourists and businesspeople during the day, lovers and loners at night. Since sunrise and sunset are both excellent options, visiting this location could be done at any time of day.

I have been looking for errands and neighboring attractions to acquire fresh air and exercise ever since the pandemic reached my hometown. So this location can be a long been favorite especially for people who wish to enjoy jogging, riding, fishing, and other outdoor leisure activities. Due to its dedicated friendly pathways, it provides a secure and uncrowded location to relish. 

In Tuguegarao, the extended road is regarded as the city’s newest tourist attraction. Many refer to it as Cataggaman River Park, however some call it as boulevard. So much effort has been made to make it a public-friendly location. Along the river, there are many spots for benches and rest areas shaded by trees where visitors may unwind. I also notice that visitors and joggers arrive in the cooler hours of the day. Throughout my visit, I generally observed that it was calm and quiet. Most importantly, it’s a good thing that the area makes it easy for people to maintain social distance. What I mean is that the whole place is wide enough to be crowded.

Here, you can observe various things both during the day and at night.  When the sun is till up, it is the time for recreation through sports and exercise and people become more energized and active. The rising of the sun symbolizes commitment, perseverance, and camaraderie which can be seen in the variety of activities. Meanwhile, compared to what happens during the day, every night is surprisingly quiet. The tranquillity of the surroundings appears to indicate that a rest is required. As a result, the location provides a perfect atmosphere to think, while others benefit from it by having a deep conversations with someone while the moon sail on the sky.

It offers a distinct kind of comfort since looking at the river allows people to view both the enormous mountains and the clouds that it kisses as if you were descending into the river’s depths to discover its hidden beauty which sets it apart from the conventional tourist attractions I’ve seen on social media that were visited by others.

The majority of people would probably choose to drive, but I’ll never forget how much fun it was to run and walk here. Perhaps everyone has a different preference for how they want to spend their time. One thing, though, they should be aware of: this place serves as a reminder of the benefits of walking. In this place, social life is also intertwined. The ideal spot for Tuguegarao residents to be wild, unwind, and breathe is at home, where they can enjoy the fresh air, hear birds chirping, and the site is only a few kilometers away. Churches located in front of the river are also another indication of the people’ strong religious beliefs. 

Personally, seeing the sunrise is the most stunning and wonderful part of being at Cataggaman River Park, thus getting up early to observe the free and open river while drinking coffee is the best way to experience it. As soon as you wake up, walk boldly outside even if you feel alone and lost in the midst of nothing and its fine, like we’re just thinking about where the river ends.

I also observed that because it’s a great spot to hang out with friends and students come here to practice for school performances, this trendy venue will put someone at ease. Students can be seen singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments which energizes the area. I’m also pleased that the influx of residents has led to the growth of numerous businesses. The locals have developed innovative ways to make money, like selling street cuisine like kwek-kwek, fishballs, barbeque and palamig. Additionally offered here are the distinctively Filipino favorites such as lugaw, lomi, mami and pares.  I’m also delighted that I can make memories here while spending less yet making my day special. After all, I believe that the most exciting adventures can occasionally be the ones that are less obvious. Those that are simply spent. 

It is also heart-warming that the people here take an initiative to maintain the cleanliness of the environment because there are many warnings displayed with accompanying fines for anyone who disobeys. Even other joggers’ trash-can initiatives appear to be an expression of their appreciation for their workout space. It is clear that the community still wishes for the next generation to have the opportunity to visit this location at their own time.

This is only my brief story to a certain barangay. I wonder what else the entire province has to offer. Maybe there’s still more to discover, or should I say that Cagayan is a never-ending source of fun? What they say about the best-laid plans is now clear to me. It happens whenever you go home. However, for the time being, I was content to sail on this plain river beneath the barangay’s sun-warmed canopy. Maybe it’s what you feel when a river lives in a city. After all, Cataggaman River Park  already captured my heart.