Kulinarya Training at the Cagayan Farm School and Agri-Tourism Center

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Cagayan Tourism Office directed a 2-day community-based Kulinarya Training Workshop on November 14-15, 2022 at the Provincial Farm School and Agri-Tourism Center for the citizens of Anquiray, Amulung.

Chef Jose Ramlo Villaluna served as a resource person during the said training. He is a DOT-Accredited Trainer for Culinary who travels around the Philippines to teach and train local communities about the basics of culinary arts. As a culmination of the training, Chef Villaluna sought the partakers of Anquiray, Amulung to unveil and ameliorate their passion in cooking by turning it into a fun competition. The goal of this activity is simply not just to cook, but to convey to the tourists the distinct quality and identity of the place.

The judges who took part in assessing the Community-Based Kulinarya Training Workshop were Atty. Charo Mamba-Villaflor, Provincial Administrator, Ms. Jenifer Junio-Baquiran, Officer-in-Charge of Cagayan Tourism Office, and Mr. Arnold Alonzo, Tourism Consultant. They evaluated and appraised the taste, ingenuity, and visual appeal of the different dishes that the participants prepared.

This culinary training will serve as a preparation for the upcoming launch of a new tourism circuit that will soon operate inside The Provincial Farm School and Agri-Tourism Center. It was truly a remarkable experience as it showcased how diverse our culinary culture is. It also showed how the 20 local trainees were enthusiastic about the training through their active participation in the culinary workshop.

Another reason for everyone to have #EndlessFunCagayan and #EndlessKainan in the Province!

Written by: Edzeline Bangayan