Gandang Cagayana, Kahanga-hanga

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Gandayana of the Week

#GANDAyanaoftheWeek (Gandang Cagayana, Kahanga-hanga) | Dian Jaycerette Dayag l Aparri, Cagayan
Ms. Dian Jaycerette Dayag has been awarded a History Maker Award of 2017 as the “First Filipina to Conquer the Himalayan Mountains at 18,380 ft. on a motorcycle.
She is the owner and General Manager of DOT-Accredited – Hotel Dian, and the Biker-themed Lifestyle Hotel and Resort in Aparri, Cagayan. A Chief Operations Officer of HD Beach Resort, Santa Ana, Cagayan and Criselda’s Chain of Restaurants & Food Products, and a Financial Officer of DJD Construction Inc.
She is an Aviation Private Pilot and an adventurist. A TV Host of the show “Pinay Cruisers” which promotes motorcycle tourism in the country, and has been featured in many magazines and TV shows for being a young entrepreneur, motorcycle enthusiast, and tourism advocate. Ms. Dian Dayag is also a Sangguniang Bayan Member of Aparri.
“Hello, women of the world! Remember how strong you are, and live with PASSION and COMPASSION. Do the things that you are passionate about, and be passionate about the things that you do. One thing I wanna highlight this Women’s Month aside from PASSION is COMPASSION. Compassion (the ability related to someone’s situation, and the willingness to take action to help) is what we need, so we can empower each other. So we can lift each other up. Do not be afraid to try new things. This world needs someone like you/us! And we’ll see what a great world this could be! A generation of women helping women. Be bold! Louder! 💕” – Dian
A successful woman with a purpose is indeed beyond empowered. Keep being an inspiration to many, Ms. Dian! 💜