Gandang Cagayana, Kahanga-hanga

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Gandayana of the Week

#GANDAyanaoftheWeek (Gandang Cagayana, Kahanga-hanga) | Anjollynn Urani | Tuguegarao City
“I’m Anjo Urani-Barasi, married with 3 kids. I was the owner of Andrea’s Cakes and Treats, and also the baker and decorator at the same time. During the height of the pandemic, I was diagnosed with cancer, since then it was too difficult for me to continue my business (which requires too much time and effort) until I got interested in crafting and painting from Youtube and other social media platforms. From then on, I kept myself busy discovering ideas about what to create. I found myself enjoying my skills in creating different kinds of artistic crafts.
Now, I’m starting to sell some of my creations because people loved them. They highly appreciated the efforts I give on every handmade craft I make. Being a woman, a wife, and a mother is quite a challenge but I have embraced that privilege because it made me a better version of myself and at the same, I can inspire other people with my experiences in life manifested through my artworks and crafting. Babae tayo, hindi babae lang!” – Anjo (CEO of A’s Handmade Crafts)
An inspired mom, wife, and businesswoman is indeed an empowered woman. Keep doing you, Ms. Anjollynn! 💜