The municipality of Abulug lies between the municipalities of Ballesteros and Pamplona on the Northwestern part of Cagayan along the China Sea. Tulug, the original name of Abulug had been a flourishing fishing village long before Don Juan Salcedo sailed to the mouth of Abulug River in 1572. In 1629, the name “tulug” was changed into Abulug, including two barangays of Totol and Capitana.

It is a typical Ybanag town. The immigrating Ilocanos had contributed to a large extent to the progress of the town.

Silk weaving at one time flourished in Abulug but with the abdication of Spanish rule and the absence of Spanish friars who introduced the industry, silk culture has been totally forgotten.

Its important agricultural products are rice, vegetables and industrial products are lumber and fish. Its native craft, cottage and trade are mat-weaving, pottery, nipa shingle and native winemaking.

Favored with many attractions, the majestic bend of its namesake river, immensely fertile agricultural areas, unspoiled back-country scenes and friendly people. A trip down the river to the sea in the late afternoon, the magnificent sunset in all its splendor can be viewed and you can listen to the eternal sea-wishing you would be as close to nature as Abuluguenos.