Every product made from bakong leaf and fiber is the result of hard work, creativity, and a realization of the dreams of Santa Teresita for its people. Workers and members of the Laguna De Cagayan Handicrafts Association (LCHA) to participate in their community organization takes precedence.

Making bakong products combines traditional and modern technology. The upright loom weaving resonates with their rich llocano heritage. Meanwhile, adopting appropriate and modern-day technology for fiber extraction and product design mirrors its openness to change and development. Bakong fiber blends well with commercial cotton to weave a tapestry or fabric. You can only stand in awe of how a leaf transforms into a fine cloth to create your traditional barong or terno, everyday dress, or as an accent to modern and high fashion couture. On the other hand, the versatility of twined bakong ropes enables seasoned weavers to create fashionable bags, utility baskets, containers, and decorative home items.

Bangalao Cave

Santa Teresita claims to have identified hundreds of caves, but only a few are explored and given names. The rest are yet to be fully accounted for and declared safe for exploration.

Bangalao Cave is just a 10-minute walk from the road. Even with its small size, its stalactite and stalagmites are enough to keep a spelunker in awe. Daring spelunkers can reach the inner chamber through a narrow passage that looks just like a hole in the wall.