Pozorobo Beach

Need some beach therapy? Pozorobo Beach ticks all the boxes for you beach lovers! Located in Santa Ana, Pozorobo Beach offers you scenic views, clear blue waters, off-white sand, seafood and more. Spend some quiet time meditating by the beach, or just chill in one of its nipa huts while enjoying the entire ocean view right in front of you. Want some action? You can jog or run by the seashore all the way up to the hilltop and enjoy the 360-degree view of the destination as a reward. You can also swim in its shallow waters to cool down. During low tide, watch the local fisher folks cast their nets and gather their catch for the day.

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Palaui Island

Want to get away from the city life’s hustle and bustle? Want to live like a local? Come visit Palaui Island! Palaui Island is a Protected Landscape and Seascape area. It is located in Santa Ana and is considered as one of its jewels. It is dubbed as a ‘raw beauty’ by CNN World’s 100 Best Beaches. Its waters boast more than twenty (20) species of fishes whilst the entire island is home to one hundred and five (105) species of rattan and other imported shrubs, and a sanctuary for ninety (90) migratory birds. Remember Survivor Palaui? You guessed it right! They shot it here. Some of the memorabilia from the Survivor franchise were left on the island as souvenirs to the local community. You can even stay where the crew spent their nights while the rest participated in the adventure-packed reality show.