Nipa Shingles

Pamplona is gifted with resource-rich estuaries in Cagayan. Along these estuaries are villages with vast nipa mangroves.

Using their age-old traditions and technology, they transform the nipa sap (also called tata) into a local wine called binarayang, vinegar or silam, and palm sugar called issi.

Pamplona Seafoods

Being a coastal municipality affords every household in Pamplona to enjoy the seafood plates on their table. Treat yourself to sumptuous fresh seafood delicacies while in Pamplona.

Below the hanging footbridge separating Brgy. Cabaggan and Brgy. Nagtupacan are floating cottages that will take visitors on a cruise along the Pamplona River.

Cruising along the river does not have to be boring. With good food like the Pamplona’s Seafood, entertainment like karaoke singing, live performance by locals featuring the rich culture of Cagayan, company of your family and friends, and the magnificent view along the river, cruising becomes such a rewarding experience.

Kaggu Craze

One local exotic delicacy of Pamplona, Cagayan is a mangrove clam locally known as Kaggu (Anodontia edentula). Enjoy kaggu as broiled, baked, mixed with vegetables, or as a soup.

Those who are into the more exotic fare eat kaggu as fresh or kinilaw which means marinating the clam meat in vinegar, salt, and black pepper. Add extra flavor by garnishing the dish with tomato, shallot, and siling labuyo (red chilli pepper) for that spicy kick.