Terracota Pots

What makes Iguig pottery distinct is its clay with its reddish-brown color. Iguig clay deposits, which took hundreds of years to form, are abundant in the vast alluvial plains along the Cagayan River.

Back in the day, the adult male members had the task of gathering clay. Traditionally, boys would tag along and learn about what and where to get the best clay material for pottery from. It is through this process that the Itawes handed over this indigenous knowledge from one generation to the next.

A veritable Cagayan symbol, the art of pottery and brick-making thrives in three (3) small barangays of Atulu, Gammad, and Malabbac. However, it is in Atulu where many artisanal potters and brick-makers flourish, and almost every household engages in the craft.

Calvary Hills

To the faithful, tired, and weary, the Calvary Hills of Iguig is the perfect place for spiritual renewal. Since its opening in 1982, it has become a choice destination and pilgrimage especially during Holy Week. This place speaks of joy and freedom with its vast rolling hills open to the sky. Whether for prayer or a needed respite from daily worries, Calvary has become a place where one can express faith and find comfort and relief. The larger-than-life depiction of the passion and death of Jesus Christ with the scenic Cagayan River, rolling hills, and plains as its fitting location and backdrop, makes Iguig Calvary Hills appealing to the faithful.

This place is sacred because it embodies and represents the passion of Jesus Christ and Calvary-the hill in Jerusalem where Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus Christ. Like in many versions and adaptations of Calvary Hills abroad and in the Philippines, all 14 Stations of the Cross are thoughtfully laid out to guide the pilgrims’ way. The devout can follow the progress of the stages of the Passion of Christ, commemorating the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. Visiting Iguig is not complete without visiting Calvary Hills. This place is popular among devotees during the Holy Week when the Catholic community does their prayer and penance.