Sentinela Beach

Looking for a beach sans the overcrowding of tourists? The Sentinela Beach in Claveria, Cagayan is the perfect sun and beach getaway for you! The beach is flanked with rock formations giving you that rugged beauty vibe as you walk along its fine sand. Swim with friends and be rejuvenated by its cool waters during summer. Immerse yourself completely and feel at peace as you listen and watch the water crash against the rocks and reach the shore. Tourists usually stay longer and enjoy the golden hours pass by and then watch the beautiful sun set to cap off their visit.

Claveria Cove (Claveria Boulevard, Lakay-Lakay Rock Formation)

Legend has it that the iconic twin rock formations adorning the northern boundary of Taggat Lagoon were a wealthy, but uncharitable couple who refused an elderly couple any help when they came and asked for some of their fish catch.

In punishment for their offense, their only son (ubing-ubing), playing on the eastern coast was turned into a rock. In deep anguish, and even before they repented, the couple eventually transformed into bodies of rock in the middle of the sea. Hence, the twin rocks called Apo Lakay-lakay and Apo Baket-baket.

Taggat Lagoon

The lagoon acts as a sentinel protecting moored fishing boats from big waves and typhoons. Living along the coast of this cove is a fisherfolk community. Explorers can do some rock climbing to have a better view of the small cove and the lagoon.

Sta. Maria Eco-Tourism Park

Santa Maria Eco-park is the translation of the Sta. Maria Culture-Based Rural Tourism (SM CBRT) project interlacing culture and heritage. The fun flows around Cabicungan River where Marian Devotion and cultural exchange occur.

The eco-park has become a favorite pit stop for motorcycle riders, and bikers, a venue for reunions, birthdays, baptisms, picnics, and other occasions.

Pata Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands 20 meters above sea level on top of a hill at the Northeastern Tip of Claveria near the river separating it from the town of Sanchez Mira. The lighthouse is part of Barangay Pata, a good 1.7 km from the highway.

You can reach the lighthouse via a 200-meter uphill hike from the end of the road leading to the hill.